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Cementitious / Mineral Spray application on structural steel and concrete

Our team performed a wide range of applications in the passive fire protection fields:
Protection of steen structure using cementitious in industry and buildings up to 4 hours ratings, which is ideal for use in industrial and petrochemical environments.

Intumescent paint application on steel structures

Intumescent paints, water or solvent based, may be applied by airless spray, roller or brush and can provide up to 2 hours fore protection. The system is applied as a thin film and is often available with a range of topcoats in different colors.
Intumescent paint work in a fire situation by changing their nature from a decorative paint into an intumescent layer of carbonaceous char which can be 50 times the thickness of the initial coat.

Fire Stopping by sealing penetration

The building regulations outline the need for large buildings to be divided into compartments, and specify the level of fire performance that the compartment walls and floors need to acheive.
The use of correctly installed proprietary certified fire stopping systems will contain a fire at its source and limit the risk of destruction caused by the spread of fire and the release of toxic gasses.

Fire Barriers

Fire Curtains (or Barrier Systems) are requirednto inhibit the spread of flames, heat and smoke through concealed spaces in buildings. Some systems can also improve sound reductions withing the building.
The systems are generally applied as a hanging curtain secured to the soffit at its head.
Fire barriers should satisfy the requirements of the Building Regulations 1991 (2000 Edition).

Storage Tanks Painting

With storage tanks, maintaining their integrity, along with the pipeline systems that feed them, is everything. It doesn't mater if the tank in quesion is holding something as simple as water or as volaile as jet fuel, the outcome of a leak or failure in containment due to corrosion can be catastrophic in any scenario.
Whether we're protecing fuel supply storage tanks, oil Tanks, or even Chemical Tanks, ADMIRAL can handle the job with ease. Let us know what you're looking for on your next storage tank project ADMIRAL will be happy to help.